Lunch Entrees

The Silk Road Lunch Special comes with your choice of either Kabob or Vegetarian Entree.
Each lunch entree includes our Afghan Salad, Afghan Bread and your choice of Rice
(See Afghan Palaws and Chalaw)
Replace your rice choice with a Vegetarian Dish for $2.99


Comes with your choice of Kabob or Vegetarian Entree

1. Kabli Palaw
Baghlani brown rice with Afghan spices topped with shredded carrots & raisins.
2. Naringe Palaw
Baghlani brown rice cooked with saffron, fresh orange peels, almonds & pistachios.
3. Ladam Palaw
Baghlani brown rice cooked with Afghan spices and fresh blended spinach.
4. Chalaw
Afghan Baghlani brown rice lightly seasoned with Afghan spices.


5. Murgh Kabob
Chunks of boneless chicken breast
6. Filet Mignon Kabob
Chunks of filet mignon
7. Shami Kabob
Ground beef
8. Chapli Kabob
Ground beef and lamb patties
9. Tandoori Chicken
Baked chicken leg and thigh
10. Murgh Korma
Chunks of chicken cooked with Afghan spices in a tomato sauce
11. Murgh Kofta Kabob
Ground chicken breast with fresh spices
12. Shrimp Kabob
Marinated jumbo shrimp
13. Large Mantu
Steamed, palm sized dumplings fiilled with minced beef, chives, and Afghan spices garnished with dill yogurt
14. Lamb Shank
Marinated and baked lamb on the bone
15. Fried Filet of Tilapia
Breaded in traditional herbs and lightly fried
16. Angus Beef Kabob
chunks of Angus beef kabobs marinated and grilled


Fresh spinach cooked with Afghan spices
Fresh eggplant cooked with Afghan spices
Fresh okra cooked in a fresh homemade Afghan tomato sauce and spices
Fresh cauliflower dish cooked in homemade Afghan tomato sauce and spices
Burani Cadu
Homade Butternut Squash, cooked with Afgan spices, garnished with dill yogurt

20% gratuity will be added to parties 6 or more.

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