Beverages & Desserts

Traditional Chai

Chai Sabz
brewed green tea flavored with cardamom
Chai Siyah
brewed black tea flavored with cardamom
Shir Chai
specialty black tea brewed with milk and cardamom
Peppermint Chai
brewed black tea flavored with cardamom and mint


Turkish Coffee
Similar to an espresso, Turkish coffee is internationally known for its strength
and signature grinds that sink to the bottom of each cup
Regular and Decaf Coffee
Each single serving pot is freshly brewed before served

Juices and other Beverages

Carrot Juice
freshly made with each order
Orange Juice
freshly made with each order
Mix Juice
a mixture of freshly made orange and carrot juice
ask for available choices
Sparkling Water$4.99
a very traditional homemade Afghan mint and tart yogurt drink


A homemade pastry baked with layers of
flaky phyllo dough & crushed nuts. Lightly drizzled
with homemade syrup
Sheer Beringe
Homemade rice pudding, made
with light & fluffy rice along with milk and lightly
seasoned with cardamom & cinnamon
Slightly sweet non-egg custard, homemade
and prepared with a hint of cardamom, garnished
with crushed pistachios & almond
Ghosh Fil
Crispy and lightly fried homemade
pastries sprinkled with powdered sugar, pistachios,
and lightly drizzled with honey. Also known as
“Elephant Ears”
Ice Cream
Ask your server

20% gratuity will be added to parties 6 or more.
(Items may contain Nuts and Dairy)

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