Lunch – Appetizers, Side Orders & Beverages

Potato: pan fried pastry filled with a mixture of potato and fresh Afghan spices
Cadu: pan fried pastry filled with butternut squash and with fresh Afghan spices
pan fried pastry filled w/ chopped chives, Afghan leeks onions & spices
Grape Leaves
filled with rice & Afghan spices topped with homemade yogurt sauce
Afghan Specialty Soup
Always homemade, ask for the soup of the day
steamed dumplings filled with chopped chives, scallions and cilantro garnished with ground meat sauce and homemade mint flavored yogurt (can be made vegetarian)
steamed dumplings filled with minced beef and leek onions garnished with cooked lentils and homemade mint flavored yogurt
our homemade chickpea dip is blended with garlic and served with olive oil
fried patties made of crushed chickpeas, mixed with herbs and spices

Salads & Side Orders

Mediterranean Salad
a chopped tomato and cucumber salad tossed in our homemade
dressing, cilantro and parsley, topped with roasted red pepper, artichokes & olives
Afghan Salad
Chopped onions, tomatoes, cucumbers & cilantro tossed in our
homemade dressing
Grilled Kabob Salad
Your choice of chicken kabob or shimp kabob (+$1) on top of
a garden salad
any type of vegetable dish (see vegetarian entrees)
any type of rice dish (see Palaws & Chalaws)
all natural homemade yogurt seasoned with mint
Maas Badrang
all natural homemade yogurt seasoned w/ mint & chopped cucumbers
Afghan bread freshly baked in our Tandoor (clay oven)


Chai Sabz
Traditional green tea flavored with cardamom
Chai Siyah
Traditional brewed black tea flavored with cardamom
Shir Chai
specialty black tea brewed with milk and cardamom
Fresh Juice
Made fresh to order with choice of oranges, carrots or a mixture of both
Peppermint Chai
brewed black tea flavored with cardamom and mint
a very traditional homemade Afghan mint and yogurt drink
Turkish Coffee$5.99
Regular and Decaf Coffee$5.99
ask for available choices
Sparkling Water$4.99


A delicate pastry made with phyllo, nuts and our homemade simple syrup
Homemade Afghan non-egg custard garnished with ground pistachios
Ghosh Fil
“Elephant Ears” Pastry garnished with powdered sugar and ground pistachios
Sheer Beringe
Afghan style homemade rice pudding made with cardamom
Pistachio Ice Cream$4.99
Mango Sorbet$4.99

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